I’m Mai. That’s me in the photo.I’m a social media & E-Commerce specialist. This means at various times, I’ve worked with and enjoyed most aspects of social media including, but not limited to; social media strategy, community management, blogger outreach, and content strategy  Also I’ve worked with and enjoyed most aspects of E-commerce including but not limited to; SEO , Commercial photography , digital marketing ,Identify trends and insights , Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies,Plan, execute, and measure experiments and conversion tests.

As a big fan of online communities, I like to seek them out and figure out what makes them tick. I firmly believe that each community behaves differently and that there are very few steadfast rules when it comes to social These days I’m more about writing good, strong, simple strategy that gets the results you’re looking for. Creative thinking and a love of streamlining and efficiency have served me well in this pursuit. Currently I am available to be hired for full time or freelancer projects at UAE . If you’ve got a project you think I could help you out with, send me a message at Mai@maiheg.net and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Projects I’ve worked on


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