Twitter’s new dashboard simplifies your account security

Twitter is making it easier to manage your account’s security and privacy settings.The company rolled out a new data dashboard Wednesday that provides users with a detailed look at all their privacy and security settings, so they can manage account access, blocked accounts and how they share with third-party apps.

The password-protected data dashboard, which can be accessed via your account’s main settings menu on under “Your Twitter data,” offers an overview of your account history; this includes the exact date and time you signed up for Twitter, as well as all the devices and apps currently authorized to access your account.

According to Twitter’s product manager for safety and security, Mollie Vandor, the goal is to give users an easy way to “verify that everything looks the way it should.”

“To put you in control of your information, we’ve made a series of deliberate design decisions that help protect your privacy and security.

 “If you see login activity from an app that you don’t recognize, you can go to the apps tab in your settings to revoke its access to your Twitter account. If you notice logins from suspicious locations, you can change your password immediately, and you can enroll in login verification for extra security.”

You can also manage contacts imported to your Twitter account from your phone’s address book, download your Twitter archive or manage the accounts you’ve muted or blocked.

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